Jimbaran Eats

After shopping in Denpasar and lounging on the beach near Uluwatu, there is no better way to end the day than with a fish feast on Jimbaran beach. Jimbaran is a short drive from Kuta along the coast and this small village features luxury hotels and mom-and-pop stands alike.

The easy option is to dine at any one of 30 nearly-identical restaurants lining the beach that offer a full seafood dinner served on the sand for around $30 per person. But our lovely guide Weka showed us what the locals do: shop at the neighboring fish market and have one of the smaller restaurant stalls throw it on the grill. The fish market itself is a sight to see and offers anything you can imagine. Our group picked up a few pounds of shrimp, prawns, octopus, and snapper and popped open a Bintang to wait for the goodies to grill over coconut husks. The restaurant will give you rice and veggies, along with piles of sambal, to go with your meal – and the entire feast (including the fish) was ours for just $7 each. Cheers!


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