Curacao By Night… Every Night


After a long day of diving and soaking up the sun, nothing sounds better than a cocktail… or two. Head over to Pirate Bay Restaurant (previously Hook’s Hut) for your Mai Tais and Pina Coladas and a table right on the beach. Yes, it can be touristy, but the location can’t be beat and I still fantasize about the warm goat cheese salad.


Located in a beautifully restored colonial mansion right on the canal in downtown Willemstad, De Gouverneur Restaurant is worth a visit for the location alone. While usually a fine-dining eatery, we went religiously every Tuesday for reggae night. Enjoy a drink under the stars and chill out to some of the best live reggae bands to remind you why life in the Caribbean is just that much better.


For a romantic dinner or just a beer at sunset, The Octopus Bar and Restaurant has the perfect location on a terrace literally over the water. Located in a small harbor at the end of the road in Boca Sami, you can watch the fish swim under your feet as you choose from a menu of fresh seafood and local favorites.


A long night of booze and dancing calls for late-night munchies, and nothing satisfies like the food trucks that pop up along the road in the middle of the night. They can be found in Salina and on the road to Westpunt in the Terra Kora area. Try the melt-in-your-mouth steak (“lomito”) sandwiches or the fried conch.


A Friday night tradition for many in Curacao is dinner at Equus, a horse-stable-turned-restaurant open only one night a week. Long buffet tables are set up to dine family-style on the only menu items: Grilled chicken or steak, served on a long skewer hung over the table, accompanied only by French bread and a few sauces. Meat, bread, and a wonderful rustic atmosphere – what else could you need? Come early as the line grows quickly!


If you spend the day enjoying the beautiful beaches in Westpunt, make sure you stop in to Jaanchie’s for a bite. This restaurant is a local institution and the best place to try some true “Krioyo” food, including goat stew and jambo, a cactus soup. With no written menus, Mr.Jaanchie himself will come to your table to tell you the menu, hand movements and all. While it is a little overpriced, Jaanchie’s offers a beautiful location and prime bird-watching and is one of the few places serving a local delicacy: Iguana soup!


Wet&Wild and Mambo Beach Clubs are located next to each other on the same seaside pavilion and are the happening place on Sunday evenings. Spend the day at the beach and get your drink on from 5:00-6:00pm at Mambo for happy hour, followed by Wet&Wild’s from 6:00-7:00pm. With half-priced drinks and no limit to how much you can order, make like a  local and load up on cases of beer to last the night. Dance  on the sand with the young and sexy crowd to DJs playing the best of reggaeton, salsa, and techno.

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