Photo Shoot: Shore Appeal

Getting into the spirit of Boardwalk Empire and taking advantage of one of the last few days of summer, here is a photo shoot I did on Fort Tilden beach a few weeks ago. The weather was already getting chilly but I think the dark clouds added a nice gloominess to the 1930s nautical- themed shoot with model Brittany Filippazzo. Hope you like it!



  1. Gaucho Gourmet

    Really nice photography. I hope this is your profession–you shouldn’t be giving away such “art”!

  2. Tararaboomdeeyay

    Love your images tyfe! I also love your destinations! Viet nam is a definite must. Went there a few years back and the people are awesome as well as the food and architecture. Your pretty much a millionaire if you’ve got $100 is your pocket and eating food off the street is a must…even if they don’t recommend it. Clubbing there is fun but the cost of alcohol is the same as Hawaii because anything they import is expensive…knock-offs they make there is pretty much beans. Haggling is fun to do there also but takes a little practice. We stayed in Hanoi and didnt get to go to Ho chi min but heard its more city down there. If you like silk the cost to make things is also super cheap, especially if it’s tailored towards you. Night markets are awesome and clothing and shoes are cheap as hell which u’ll fit cause ur tini

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