Dream Destinations

Since it will still be another few years before I can leave this concrete jungle for what I hope to be a more enjoyable tropical jungle on the island of Roatan, Honduras, I’ve instead come to fantasize about all the adventures I’d rather be having elsewhere. Here are the places I’ve been drooling over recently and hope to visit eventually:

1. Goa, India: This hippy enclave on the South-Western shore of India boasts beautiful beaches and colonial Portuguese architecture. Elephants, curry, and full moon parties? Count me in!

2. Socotra, Yemen: Never heard of it? Neither had I. After reading about this rarely-visited island chain in Conde Nast Traveler, it has moved to the top of my must-see list. This dry and rocky four-island archipelago off the coast of Yemen is known for the impressive Dragon’s Blood Tree and hundreds of other endemic species only found there, but what really appeals to me about this place is its mystery and the potential for adventure.

3. Cartagena, Colombia: In my mind, Cartagena sounds like a heaven I will never want to leave. Colorful colonial buildings? Check. Lush, tropical setting? Check. Nearby beaches? Check. I picture myself dancing salsa in the courtyard of my colonial mansion in the warm night air.

4. Vietnam: I am dying to visit this Southeast Asian destination, as much for the food as for the sights and sounds. Any place that can successfully mix French goodies like baguettes and croissants with Asian meats and spices gets my vote.

5. Istanbul, Turkey: This exotic city is rich in history and East-meets-West culture, not to mention superb cuisine and nightlife. But the real draw for me is to shop, shop, shop till I drop in the city’s endless markets and bazaars. A treasure hunter’s dream!


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