Bienvenidos a Miami

I must admit it: Miami is not my favorite city. My father grew up there and my grandmother (along with everyone else’s grandma) still calls it home, and after spending multiple summers there I feel that I know the real Miami: wall-to-wall suburbia followed by one strip mall after the next, all to be seen from the comfort of your air conditioned SUV. But it does still have some redeeming qualities:

1. Grandma! My beloved Oma was the purpose of the trip, which we were able to make thanks to the uber cheap tickets on my TravelZoo alerts

2. Consistently warm and tropical weather that with my eyes closed could pass for home, all within a 3 hour flight from NYC

3. Cuban sandwiches. ‘Nuff said.

4. Pastel-hued Art Deco buildings on Ocean Drive that serve to remind me both of the more romantic Miami of decades past and the importance of salmon in one’s wardrobe

5. Enough Latin flavor and a dearth of actual English speakers to make you question whether you are, in fact, still in the United States

Hopefully you are staying in South Beach, by the pool, cocktail in hand, having fun in the sun and even more fun when the sun goes down. Don’t bother worrying that you are missing other charming parts of the city, because you aren’t. Up next: Leaving Miami to experience “real” Florida: Gators!




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