Fashion Week = My Ticket to Travel

So I’ve failed at my once-a-week blogging goal because it’s winter in this cold-hearted city, I’m horribly depressed, and it’s hard to write a travel blog when you’re not, well… traveling. But thankfully that magical time of year has come: New York Fashion Week! Although my participation is strictly limited to checking every morning in my pjs, it gives me something to look forward to nonetheless. Right now I’m using the shows as an excuse to fantasize of escaping to far-flung locales and the fabulous clothes to take me there. My faves on the New York runway:

The Clothes: Altuzarra


Joseph Altuzarra’s fall show highlighted one of his strengths in past seasons: superb outerwear. His oversized furs and shearling toggle coats paired with black leather thigh high boots almost make me wish winter was staying a little longer. The gold coin detailing, graphic prints, and spice market colors make me wish I was at least wintering in the Far East.

The Trip: Trans-Siberian Railway

To hop on board this train from Moscow to Beijing via Mongolia has long been a dream of mine. Siberia! Mongolia! Old train stations and mysterious passengers! Doesn’t get much more romantic than this.


The Clothes: Alexander Wang

  While I’m usually in need of color, color, color and I seem to be the only person in the universe not completely crazy for Alexander Wang, this season the downtown darling did something for me. I’m loving the sheen and texture of the clothes combined with the 90s minimalist color palette of black, white, and the occasional burgundy for a very urban warrior feel.

The Trip: Berlin

Now that I’m finally living in New York, everyone talks about how much better it was in the 80s – which is exactly what Berlin seems to be channeling these days. I never thought Germany would be on my to-visit list, but all the cool kids can talk about are the art, clubs, refurbished lofts, and affordability of Berlin (the latter not heard of in New York since the 80s!). These Alexander Wang ensembles have got all my bases covered.


The Clothes: Oscar de la Renta


Bling, bling, and more bling: JLo – eat your heart out. Oscar can typically be a little stuffy – but this season his collection had a decidedly more youthful spin. There were looks still a little too Upper East Side grandma for me, but give me big hair, bedazzled capris, and oversized jewel prints any day. LOVE.

The Trip: Paris

It’s hard to see such chic and romantic clothes and not think of the City of Lights. Currently plotting to drag my boyfriend for a weekend getaway full of bistros and boutiques… preferably rocking the very practical dove gray fluffy number that closed Oscar’s show – a la season six Carrie Bradshaw.


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