Ay Que Si, Puerto Rico!

Having scored discount tickets a few months ago, my boyfriend and I had been anxiously awaiting our winter getaway to Puerto Rico only to have it RAIN. THE. WHOLE. TIME. Nonetheless, a fabulous time was had by all – even if the only tan I got was the one I sprayed on from a can.

Part One: Old San Juan

Anyone who has been following my blog knows that I am crazy obsessed with colonial towns (see: Montevideo, Uruguay or Willemstad, Curacao), and Old San Juan didn’t disappoint. Set on a peninsula and surrounded by the impressive El Morro fortress, Old San Juan is the picturesque historical center of the otherwise run-down and highway-crisscrossed capital. Candy-colored colonials and cobblestone streets, oh my! I was in heaven.

But beauty comes at a price, and in this case, the price is a shipload of 2,000 tourists. Everyday. Cruise ships are not my thing, especially not when they disgorge overweight and undertanned American tourists in white sneakers (Really? Are those necessary?) to inflate the price of my pina colada. So be warned: Ask the front desk for the cruise ship schedule, and hit the road during these times. In either case, Old San Juan can feel a bit too perfect, too quaint – leaving you wondering where all the mamis really go to salsa dance at night.


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One comment

  1. Jean Heller

    Beautiful pictures. I felt like I was on a mini-vacation just visiting your blog. Thanks for the much needed lift !

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