Summer Flashback: A Day in Montauk

For the last year or so, all I’ve heard about is Montauk. How beautiful, how laid back, how bohemian – the last real fishing village on the South Fork of Long Island that still has a sense of weather-beaten East Coast charm. We finally visited the last week of August, (thankfully) bringing our bikes along to explore, and I was nothing but disappointed. Everyone was rude and far from laid back, from the loud Long Islanders in full makeup and high heels hoping for the Hamptons to the locals who clearly wanted everyone to leave. Having grown up in a place inundated with tourists, I understand the feeling – but it doesn’t exactly make me want to return (which I suppose is the idea).

On the up side, the scenery was beautiful and appropriately wind-swept and weather-beaten and I’m sure there are some quiet beaches to be had in the off-season. If you do make it out there next summer, pop into Ruschmeyer’s. You might have to fight off some city hipsters, but it’s worth it for a Dark and Stormy and a chance to soak up the quite chic midcentury nautical-meets-adult-summer-camp decor.








  1. Jean Heller

    How interesting. Thank you for taking me to places I probably would never think of exploring. How sad that the big city folk are spoiling this place. I really enjoy reading about your adventures and even more seeing your beautiful photos!

  2. Anita Kusick

    A word to the wise—don’t visit in August! Many year ’rounders are happy to lease their house for August to escape the onslaught! August will never, ever give you a feel for the East End. Waitresses are ready to strangle rude, demanding, over-bearing patrons—ditto for any service industry. The fatigue and strained nerves are palpable. On Labor Day at the Corner Bar in Sag Harbor, patrons sing “Bye-Bye Miss American Pie” and wave with relief. September is fabulous. Plenty of beautiful weather, the beaches and roads are empty (-ish), the ocean is still warm.

    • thejunglefever

      Sorry for the late reply Anita, but I appreciate your comments! That was definitely the feeling I had when visiting, but it looks like I’ll have to try again in Sept. Thank you!

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