Winter Flashback: Killington, Vermont



I’m embarrassed by how delinquent I’ve been about my blog updates, but in my defense I just moved across the world! After 3 rollercoaster years in NYC I am now living in Oman – more on that to follow.

I know most of you up North are dying for spring to arrive, but I thought I’d share some pics from our winter trip to Killington, Vermont. Five friends in a rental car desperate to escape the city and ready to ski (or snowboard, or snow shoe, or do anything remotely outdoorsy), we headed out for a quick weekend getaway.

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The highs: The slopes! As a “flatlander” (as my Vermonter friend so lovingly calls us city folk) I was terrified even on the bunny slopes, but it was worth it (meltdowns and all) for stunning scenery on the top of the mountain. I’d recommend being one of the last off the slopes at the end of the day for a chance to experience all that white powder in complete silence.

The lows: Not bringing my camera on what ended up being my one afternoon on the mountain before the weekend took a turn for the worst. Think five people, one hotel room, and two of us with sudden and violent food poisoning. You win some, you lose some I guess.

Tips: Killington is located about a 6 hour drive from New York City, or can also be reached by Amtrak to Rutland. Weekends are obviously most popular and all hotels/motels/holiday inns fill up fast so book early. While the slopes on the weekends can be packed, they close promptly at 4pm – all the better to hit up the large selection of bars and restaurants in town. For those of you still longing for another run in the powder, Vermont’s ski season goes until May!

My recommendations: Grab a Hot Toddy and enjoy the live music at the Irish pub at the Inn at Long Trail or bring some friends for a round of scrabble by the fireplace in the lobby. Built into the side of the mountain, this cozy inn is what you think of when you think of winter in Vermont (but is still a favorite year round). The Garlic has a great family-style Italian food with an even better atmosphere. Pick up all of your ski and snowboard gear at the mom-and-pop First Stop Ski and Board Barn, run by the Elles family for the past 30 years.




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