Sand Dunes and Camels in Wahiba Sands, Oman


I’ve been in Oman for two weeks now and am loving every minute. Instead of inundating you with photos and stories, I’m going to feature a different location every month throughout the year.

This week: Wahiba Sands (and the requisite camel photos). Wahiba Sands is a relatively small sand dune desert, home to the Wahiba tribe of bedouins. Traditionally they lived a nomadic lifestyle, crossing the dunes in search of water, but now, like many other bedouins, they live in villages on the edge of the desert. What you may not know: Bedouins are expert dune bashers. Meaning they know their way around a sand dune, including in an SUV. It’s not for those afraid of heights!

IJfkeRidgley_Oman_WahibaSands-4 IJfkeRidgley_Oman_WahibaSands-2IJfkeRidgley_Oman_WahibaSands-3 IJfkeRidgley_Oman_WahibaSands-6 IJfkeRidgley_Oman_WahibaSands-5


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