Farmer’s Market in Rustaq, Oman


We drove to Rustaq, a sizable town in northern Oman, for the second day in a row, looking for a pet goat. Day 1 got us there at 8:30 am, only to find out the cattle market is over by 8:00. Day 2 we arrived at the ass-crack of dawn, confident we would meet the bedouin farmers coming down from the mountains. The animals had already come and left. So, it was a no-goat. (Sorry, too easy.) But we were there for the perfect morning light, coffee  and dates with the locals, and the sun-dried old men with daggers on their waists and turbans on their heads, mounting donkeys for the ride home into the hills. Sometimes a good picture is as simple as getting up early.

oman-rustaq-web-6 oman-rustaq-web-10 oman-rustaq-web-13 oman-rustaq-web-9 oman-rustaq-web-14 oman-rustaq-web-8 oman-rustaq-web-17 oman-rustaq-web-2

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