From Mosques to Malls: Driving from Oman to Dubai


A month ago we made the 5 hour road trip from Muscat to Dubai, crossing from the dry, rocky mountains of Oman into the sand dunes of the UAE. As the skyscrapers appeared in the open, dusty sky, it seemed as though we were driving towards the future, leaving behind a land of charm and tradition for something much more crass. The receptionist at our hotel struggled to recommend any activities other than visiting the mall. So that is what we did.  The malls in Dubai are a spectacle, with highs (lights-and-music coordinated fountain show in the aqua blue faux lake), lows (Red Lobster. Really? Does anyone even eat there in the States?), and WTFs (indoor ski slopes). I can’t really say that it is my kind of town. Even though we crossed back over the border just in time to hit massive flooding, I was happy to be back in Oman.

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