Connemara: The Wild Wild West of Ireland

ireland-connemara-panorama1-webThis past week I was lucky enough to visit the green hills of Ireland, the humid, chilly weather a welcome respite to the desert heat I’ve become accustomed to. After flying to Dublin, catching a 3 hour bus to Galway, the small town of Letterfrack in western Ireland is still another hour and a half  away, and the site of my friend’s wedding was a rocky peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic another 20 minutes from there. It felt like we had traveled to the end of the earth. Here are my two cents on the region:

To See: The drive from Galway to Letterfrack through the inland valleys offers stunning scenery of foggy hills and peat bogs, and this area is best explored by car. Warning: This will be terrifying. The roads are extremely narrow and full of hairpin turns and blind spots… and the Irish drive on the left.

To Do: I highly recommend going to Connemara National Park for a day of hiking and 360 degree vistas of the rolling countryside.

To Eat: Yes, yes, try the fish and chips and a full Irish breakfast, but don’t be surprised if you are less than impressed with the cuisine. That is, unless you eat at the Renvyle House Hotel. We ate like kings for 4 days and I never had anything that wasn’t utterly delicious.

To Drink: Guinness is not a gimmick in Ireland – the Irish are quite proud of their pint. Make like a local and get yours with black currant syrup – it made it a lot more bearable for me.

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  1. Jean Heller

    Ijfke, absolutely beautiful and romantic pictures. It reminds me of the years we spent in Wales, right across the Channel. It looks and feels very much the same.

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