Dream Destinations: Volume 2

This month’s Top 5 must-sees, according to moi.

montenegro1. Montenegro: “It’s like Italy but without the crowds.” “Montenegro is the new Croatia.” Whatever people are saying, I’m convinced. Spectacular hikes followed by a lounge chair next to the cobalt Adriatic? Yes, please.

Good reads: Magic Mountains of Montenegro, on Travel + Leisure.


2. Vast sand dune deserts. Whale bones on the beach. Herero tribesman in German-colonial dress. Bushmen. BUSHMEN. All in the off-the-beaten-path country of Namibia. How can I not want to go?

Good reads: Into a Still Country: On Safari in Namibia, on GoNomad.com.

tasmania3. When I say I want to go to Tasmania, that’s mostly my belly talking. All I’ve heard is grass-fed-lamb-chops this, organic-goat-cheese-salads that. All served in a wild and overgrown setting with a side of local Sauvignon Blanc.

Good reads: Sympathy for the Devil, on Islands Magazine

bhutan4. Recently I’ve read a lot about the overcrowding of Everest and the Nepalese resorts. Neighboring Bhutan, however, doesn’t seem to have this problem. Their main claim to fame? Oh, just being the happiest country on earth. That, plus dramatic cliff-faces and mountaintop monasteries.

Good reads: The Value Added Tax of Bhutan, on Classe Touriste

srilanka5. I’m hoping to get to Sri Lanka within the year. Word on the street is the beaches are beautiful and the inland tea farms are even better. Plus there are elephants. ‘Nuff said.

Good reads: Sri Lanka: Exploring the East Coast, on Wanderlust

** See my last Dream Destinations here…. none of which I’ve been able to visit yet!

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