Fort Fantasies in Nakhal, Oman


Nakhal is quickly becoming my favorite town in Oman. It has the benefit of being not too small but large enough that I feel I see new things every time I visit. Go here to see:

The Fort! The town fort is one of the main tourist draws, and for good reason. This beautifully restored monument will have you living out the fantasies of your ten-year-old-self as you explore the maze of staircases and underground chambers.

Hot Springs! Yes, there are frequently too many people here, but plan your visit right and you will be able to enjoy the hot springs solo – the evenings are especially romantic. The surprisingly hot water comes directly out of the rocks and into a luxurious bathing area. The nearby stream (like many in Oman) has tiny fish that will clean your feet – a la foot spas in Malaysia, but free!

Dates Dates Everywhere! Take a walk from the fort to the hot spring to see this charming village up close. Nakhal is a warren of tiny streets and alleyways shaded by the ubiquitous date plantations. Right now the dates are in season and you will see the village farmers selling them on the side of the road.

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