Global Style: Hawaiian Aloha Print


I don’t care if it’s In or Out, I will always love aloha print. For people in Hawai’i, aloha wear is appropriate at any time: going to the office, out to dinner, even to a wedding. There is not an occasion too formal for this flower print, period. While I may not always agree with this (please no aloha shirts at my wedding), being from the 808 state has made me a fan. My boyfriend must have at least 50 shirts, each more garish than the last, and they always make my day. I prefer my aloha print from the 60’s, in neon colors, and on barkcloth. Go ahead and get a little tacky – summer is almost over.

(Photo Credits: Middle row – Nicole Bentley, Self Magazine, Diane von Furstenberg. Bottom row:   Zero + Maria Cornejo)

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