Camping in Haleakala: A Photo Story


Going through some old photos and I came across these. My boyfriend and I camped in Haleakala National Park on Maui a few years ago. This famous peak offers native Hawaiian Nene geese, the super-rare Silversword, otherworldly moonscapes, and a view above the clouds. It is a testament to the variety of landscapes found in Hawai’i: you’ll be sweating in your bikini on the bottom and wishing for a down parka on the top. The truly adventurous can spend the night in the crater – you can either camp or reserve one of the basic cabins in advance. We were the only ones there the night we stayed and the temperature dipped to freezing once the sun set. Huddled in our sleeping bag, under a blanket of stars, it was hard not to think about the warning the park ranger gave on our way up: Beware of the murderer on the loose in the park! (No joke.)

hawaii-maui-web-4-2 hawaii-maui-web-5-2 hawaii-maui-web-2-2 hawaii-maui-web-9 hawaii-maui-web-11 hawaii-maui-web-4 hawaii-maui-web-10hawaii-maui-web-7-2 hawaii-maui-web-6-2 hawaii-maui-web-8 hawaii-maui-web-5 hawaii-maui-web-6

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