Local Flavor: Bangkok, Thailand


I’ve been wanting to start a new section on this blog for locals to share their favorite places in their own city, and what better way to start than with the tips I got from my good friend Nicole Hill about where to go in Bangkok. Nicole is a half-Thai interior designer who knows all about where to eat, drink, and shop in this crazy city, and her tips were too good not to share. I’m here now, checking off the list, and will be sure to post more soon…

The best market: Chatuchak Market also known as JJ market.  Take the BTS (Skytrain) to Mo Chit to get here.  It only runs on the weekend but is absolutely amazing, you can find everything here from furniture to clothes, to second hand stuff, to animals to hardware!  It’s a must!  Dress comfortably, carry cash, and just be mindful of your stuff because it will be crowded. 

The View: A great way to experience the Old Town and get an amazing view of the temples along the river is to go grab a drink or a nice dinner at Sala Rattanakosin. It’s a renovated shop house transformed into a boutique hotel…I know it looks chichi but it’s actually in a very interesting area and the view of Wat Arun temple is breathtaking.

Transportation: At many intersections you’ll see a bunch of motorbike taxis wearing colored vests, usually orange.  It’s the best, most efficient way to get around!  

Eat: The BEST street food is in Thonglor, just at the base of the BTS stop on soi 38.  You’ll see tons of food stalls set up. I’d eat here a lot, for around 2 bucks you can get a solid meal.

Drink: The cocktail scene is on the rise though don’t expect anything on par with NY, their drinks are much weaker.  Still, my favorite spot is WTF (“With Thai Friends”).  It’s a tiny spot run by a Thai couple…super cute atmosphere and the location is quite charming.

Be Merry…Thai style: My favorite area of Bangkok is by far the Old Town near the river.  The best way to experience this is to go to Phra Arthit Road near Santichaiprakarn Road.   There are a bunch of SUPER local indoor/outdoor bars along this strip with cheap bucket drinks and live music, which is about as thai as you can get.  It’s really fun, but prepare yourself for a lot of bad cover bands singing in broken Engrish! 

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