Across the Chao Phraya River: Exploring Thonburi, Bangkok


When some expats gave me a funny look for saying I visited Thonburi, I knew I must be off the beaten path. But exploring the less popular areas gives a glimpse into the life that happens when people stop doing things for the camera or the tourist dollars. This was exactly what I was looking for. Armed with the inspiring Bangkok to-do list from my friend Nicole, my mother and I headed south of the river to Charoenrat Road in search of Bangkok’s best craft supply area.

This loooong street is packed with any item a craft-lover could desire. Store after store filled with fabrics, buttons, jewelry, hardware, leathers, and skins are waiting to capture your imagination. Come prepared to be overwhelmed and inspired, and preferably with a project already in mind. (My score? A roll of gold-tinted cork. For what? God only knows!) As with anywhere in Bangkok, having a healthy appetite can’t hurt either – half of the street is taken up with food vendors.

Catch the BTS (Skytrain) to Krung Thon Buri or the river ferry to Tha Din Daeng.

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  1. Anja

    Sorry to bother you, but I`m searching for craft supplies in BKK too and I`m a bit confused. BTS Bring Thon Büro is West of Tage river, Charoen Rat Road is east of the river, and Tha Din Daeng is west of the river too. So which road or part of the city are craft supplies to find?
    Would be nice, if you had an answer for me!

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