New York City in Winter: A Landscape in Black and White


It’s that time of year again: the holiday season. Though it’s hard to believe while living here in the desert and wearing shorts everyday. Nonetheless, the nights are cooler, I hear the East Coast has seen it’s first snowfall, and I’ve started getting the J.Crew holiday catalogue. After a first Christmas in Oman, I’ll be heading to NYC in mid-January – arguably the worst time of the year  – with absolutely no winter clothes in my possession! I’m excited anyway, mostly for the things I don’t have here in the Middle East: favorite friends, vintage shopping, and pork products.

My photography teacher at SVU recommended the Olympus Trip 35 camera as a small, affordable, straightforward film camera with a high quality lens as one to keep in my bag and shoot when the inspiration strikes. (And with customized leather details, it is always a good go-to gift.) Of course I forgot it more times than not, but I managed to shoot a few rolls that I’m just getting to now. These were all shot with the Trip in random parts of New York City and a lot in Central Park. The city is so beautiful with a heavy snowfall (and promptly disgusting a few hours later) and it’s getting me into that romantic holiday mood. I hope they do the same for you.

newyork-winter-ijfke-ridgley-web-8 newyork-winter-ijfke-ridgley-web-7 newyork-winter-ijfke-ridgley-web-5 newyork-winter-ijfke-ridgley-web-1 newyork-winter-ijfke-ridgley-web-9  newyork-winter-ijfke-ridgley-web-2 newyork-winter-ijfke-ridgley-web-10  newyork-winter-ijfke-ridgley-web-6


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