Untamed Nature on the Big Island of Hawai’i


It’s almost Christmas, and usually this means that I’m already at home in Hawai’i, soaking up the sun on Kaimana beach or hiking to Maunawili Falls. This year it looks like I’ll have to survive on friends’ Facebook posts instead… In the spirit of being homesick, I dug up some photos I took a few years ago while on vacation on the Big Island.

While you may remember my last visit to Hilo and the tidepools of Pahoa, these are instead from a road trip taken from the northern-most point of the island down to the southeastern corner of Volcanoes National Park. When it comes to having a variety of landscapes, there is nothing like Hawai’i, and the Big Island truly has it all – from the snowcapped peak of Mauna Kea to the black sand beaches near Kapa’au (pictured above) to the desert heat of Kona. My favorite spot has got to be Volcanoes, though. It is surprisingly cold, damp, and foggy and houses some of the most striking plants on the planet. Plus, it’s got lava. I mean, come on. What more can you ask of a Hawaiian holiday?

hawaii-bigisland-volcanoes4borderhawaii-bigisland-volcanoes3border hawaii-bigisland-volcanoes2borderhawaii-bigisland-volcanoes5borderhawaii-bigisland-kapaau2borderhawaii-bigisland-volcanoes1border


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