Travel to Hokkaido with Photographer David DuChemin

junglefever-david-duchemin-hokkaido1 junglefever-david-duchemin-hokkaido2 junglefever-david-duchemin-hokkaido1 junglefever-david-duchemin-hokkaido4 junglefever-david-duchemin-hokkaido6 Screen shot 2014-01-08 at 12.43.58 PM

With all this extreme winter weather going around, it’s nice to take a moment and see the beauty in it. (Of course that’s easy for me to say – she who is living in the desert and complaining about 60 degrees!) Leave it up to David DuChemin, one of the world’s best travel photographers, to capture the quiet beauty and peaceful moments in all that white. I strive to have all of my travel photos have the abstraction and balance of DuChemin’s photos of Hokkaido, Japan.


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