Travel to Botswana with Photographer Zack Seckler

junglefever-zack-seckler-5 junglefever-zack-seckler-4 junglefever-zack-seckler-1 junglefever-zack-seckler-3 junglefever-zack-seckler-2 junglefever-zack-seckler-6

Trees like broccoli florets. Antelope the size of ants. Zebras in melted pistachio ice cream. Photographer Zack Seckler turns the wildlife of Botswana into surreal, abstract fantasy lands when shot from above. A fantasy land I would like hanging in my living room, please.

Originally featured on Feature Shoot.



  1. devinci101

    How did the photographer get high enough? + I like the “zebras in melted pistachio ice cream” picture. 🙂 Though it may have been a blueberry-vanilla mix, with its light blue tint.

      • devinci101

        I’ve had a for rainforests since I can remember . . . I don’t know why. They just fascinate me. I also am partial to wildcats, and felines in general. Do you mostly take photographs of jungle wildlife?

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