An Ode to Spring: Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

ijfke_ridgley_botanicgarden2-web ijfke_ridgley_botanicgarden5-web ijfke_ridgley_botanicgarden4-web ijfke_ridgley_botanicgarden3-web ijfke_ridgley_botanicgarden1-web IJfke_ridgley_botanticgarden6-web

Mark your calendars: In two weeks, it will be spring! Or it better be, as that is usually Cherry Blossom season at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. These photos were taken a couple of years ago, and I unearthed them from my hard drive to give you a sneak peak at a season we are all hoping/wishing/praying for. That’s right folks – not only are these not Instagram shots, they were taken with a (gasp!) film camera: my trusty Holga, for double exposures and light leaks galore. Enjoy!



  1. devinci101

    I absolutely love cherry blossoms. There is a “Botanical Garden” place near where I live, too, so I know what kind of garden extraavaganza you are talking about! 🙂 The picture quality is not clear, but was that the intention?

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