Fashion Inspiration: Peru

Isabeli-Fontana-Inca-Vogue-Paris-Mario-Testino-20 Isabeli-Fontana-Inca-Vogue-Paris-Mario-Testino-10  Isabeli-Fontana-Inca-Vogue-Paris-Mario-Testino-11Isabeli-Fontana-Inca-Vogue-Paris-Mario-Testino-07 Isabeli-Fontana-Inca-Vogue-Paris-Mario-Testino-01Isabeli-Fontana-Inca-Vogue-Paris-Mario-Testino-04 Isabeli-Fontana-Inca-Vogue-Paris-Mario-Testino-13Isabeli-Fontana-Inca-Vogue-Paris-Mario-Testino-12

My good friend (and a fabulous fashion designer) Ivy just moved to Peru to work with indigenous weavers. The food of Lima, Machu Picchu, and the epic hikes have been calling my name for years. Looks like it’s time to bust out my technicolor brights, statement necklaces, and woven shawls and head to the Andes. See you there?

Isabeli Fontana and Ayemeline Valade shot by Mario Testino for Vogue Paris April 2013.



One comment

  1. devinci101

    The fashions here are very exotic – I love them. I’m wondering – what is the purpose? To just create amazing new things for eyecandy and for the sheer pleasure of creating, or to create things that people could and would wear on a daily basis? Do you know if anyone would wear these dresses on the streets?
    Nevertheless, I think they are very much in the style of mountainsides and they just make me think “Machu Picchu.” ❤

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