Style and the Street: Manhattan


It is impossible to go to New York and not notice the fashion. Some new film shots of my favorite spots in Manhattan (taken with my trusty Olympus Trip 35) – including Union square, the West Village, Brooklyn Bridge, and the Highline. Downtown scenery calls for some downtown characters – here’s a mix and match of friends and models, editorials and portraits, fashion-types and hipsters. I hope these speak to you in some way.

ijfke-ridgley-newyork-junglefever-web-5ijfke-ridgley-junglefever-newyorkcity-fashion1 ijfke-ridgley-newyork-junglefever-web-9 ijfke-ridgley-junglefever-newyorkcity-fashion4ijfke-ridgley-junglefever-newyorkcity-fashion5ijfke-ridgley-newyork-junglefever-web-1-2 ijfke-ridgley-junglefever-newyorkcity-fashion2ijfke-ridgley-junglefever-newyorkcity-fashion6



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