Dream Destinations, Volume 3

Where I’m itching to go in 2014:


1. Isles of Scilly – If you’re an American, chances are you haven’t heard of these (I hadn’t), but our friends across the pond have been raving about this cluster of islands off of the coast of Cornwall for years. Can you believe the UK has white sand atolls to offer? I’m in!

Good Reads: Escape to the Isles of Scilly, on Wanderlust



2. Iran – I know what you’re thinking. The danger! The government! I’m not saying there’s nothing to that, but I’ve talked to several people who have traveled there recently and loved it. Interesting and friendly people, stunning landscapes, and currently right across the Gulf from me. Been doing some research…

Good Reads: Gods, Kings, Mystics, and Mullahs, on CondeNast Traveler

lombok3. Lombok – We spent several months living in Bali 3 years ago, and while it was lovely, we also felt like the last on the bandwagon. Word is that neighboring Lombok has all the sites without the crowds, plus better beaches. Indonesia, round 2?

Good Reads: Lombok: Bali Without the Crowds, on The Guardian



4. Tel Aviv – While I usually am all about the passport stamp, I’ll have to forgo it in Israel (or I can forget about visiting #2!). No matter, this city is calling me with its beachy vibe, endless parties, and international cuisine.

Good Reads: Tel Aviv Modern, on Travel + Leisure


austin5. Austin – Besides New Orleans, this is the only other US mainland city I’d like to live in. I’m down with the desert and laid-back attitude, and can definitely get used to its famous breakfast burritos.

Good Reads: Where the Cool Kids Are: East Austin, on Fathom


Missed the last Dream Destinations? While I have yet to go to my picks for 2012 and 2013, maybe they will give you some ideas. Happy travels!



  1. devinci101

    I’ve only heard of the first destination – Isles of Scilly. Isn’t that the group of Greek islands? The name sounds Greek. I *know* I’ve heard it before . . . *thinking face*

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