Trekking in Oman: An Article for StokeLab Magazine


“It would be a mistake to think that it doesn’t rain in the desert. It might not rain as much, or as frequently, but when it does you better watch out. You would think that this parched, dusty, pizza-oven of a country would rejoice in a little moisture, soak up every last drop, sprout a few palm trees, and let nothing go to waste. This is not the case. Instead the water rushes down the cliffs of Jebel Shams and into the valleys of cracked earth, across the pancake-flat desert floor and out to the ocean in 15 minutes flat.

More people die in this desert land from drowning than from thirst, most due to flash floods. This blows my mind. I had laughed out loud at the look of panic that crossed our guide’s face when it started to drizzle a few weeks ago. Drizzle. And we weren’t anywhere near the mountains. I guess one can die from a little rain. Here, at the bottom of the narrow S-shaped gorge of Wadi Bimmah, we are literally caught between a rock and hard place. We scramble between the boulders like tiny, desperate ants at the mercy of the rain gods.”

This is an excerpt from my latest article for StokeLab Magazine, which they ran as a full-length feature for their new “Missions” section. I’m so excited that this finally came out and to be able to share some of my favorite photos from my time in Oman. To read the full story, check it out here.

ridgley_ijfke_StokeLab_Oman_web-26 Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 10.18.51 AM ridgley_ijfke_StokeLab_Oman_web-4 ridgley_ijfke_StokeLab_Oman_web-28 ridgley_ijfke_StokeLab_Oman_web-9 ridgley_ijfke_StokeLab_Oman_web-11 ridgley_ijfke_StokeLab_Oman_web-19ridgley_ijfke_StokeLab_Oman_web-17



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