Travel to the DRC with Photographer Richard Mosse

jungle_fever_richard_mosse_infrared2jungle_fever_richard_mosse_infrared5    jungle_fever_richard_mosse_infrared8 jungle_fever_richard_mosse_infrared6 jungle_fever_richard_mosse_infrared1 jungle_fever_richard_mosse_infrared3

If you saw my last Photographer Profile post on these incredible infrared photos taken in the Arctic, you will see why I fell in love with this project by photographer Richard Mosse. Mosse’s photos have been taking the photo world by storm as they shine a new and unique light on conflict zones and the staggering human tragedy faced in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The beauty in his photographs is at once striking and disturbing, as he turns the jungle and soldiers into characters of a psychedelic world using infrared film.

This is a great example of the power of photography to transport you to places you otherwise would not, or should not, go. Yes, I knew it was jungly, but I for one did not know that the landscape in the Congo was so beautiful – in pink or green or whatever.

If you happen to be in Amsterdam, check out Mosse’s exhibit at the Foam photo museum until June 1st.



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