Winter Flashback: Vermont, Part 2

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Five friends. Road trip. Snowboarding. Vermont. The perfect combo! …Until you stuff all five of us in one motel room after some regrettable onion soup.

As a photographer, it isn’t often you get a chance for a do-over. If any of you remember my last trip to Vermont, you will understand why I’d been kicking myself for not taking those powder-day mountain shots while I had the chance – pre-poisoning. But, unbelievably, exactly one year later, we did it all over again. This time we switched the motel room for a VIP cabin, the soup for a gourmet lunch in a yurt on the slopes, and added snowmobiles, snowshoes, and 2 concerts.

All of this came thanks to Killington Magazine and the dope dudes behind StokeLab and Buttery, who found us so nice they invited us twice! They filmed us for a piece on city 20-somethings coming up for a weekend of adventure in the snow, and we gladly turned our cameras on them. I know most of you East coasters are probably sick of looking at snow, but who can resist a rugged mountain man in plaid? Enjoy – and I’ll let you know when the piece is out.


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