Happy PRIDE from Dublin

ireland-dublin-pride-web-6-2A year ago I was in the Irish countryside for a good friend’s wedding and I tacked on a weekend in Dublin. It happened to coincide with Pride. To Dubliners I’m sure this was just another good bender, but to me, a girl from the big bad streets of Hawai’i, it was pure chaos. I was more scared during a weekend of Pride in Dublin than 3 years of living in New York City – and this has nothing to do with homosexuals and everything to do with the roving packs of belligerent bottle-throwing college kids. (Clearly I was not meant to be a war photographer). I’m telling you, when it comes to a street party, those Irish don’t mess around. I hope these photos can properly convey the drunken madness, rainbow pride, and the Irish girls’ love of all things 80s.

And to all my favorite gays out there, Happy Pride! (This one’s for you, Mosef)

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