Local Getaway: Breakneck Ridge


Because it’s summer and it’s time to be outside. Because summer in New York City is THE WORST (…and also the best). Because it’s only a short train ride from the city. Because it’s nice to feel like you don’t always live in a concrete box. Really do you need more reasons to finally do the Breakneck Ridge hike?

When we lived in the city this was by far my favorite getaway. Hop on the Metro North Hudson Line to Cold Spring for a short-ish and scenic ride. If you’re organized enough to catch the morning train on the weekend, you get to get off at the Breakneck Ridge station, which isn’t a station at all but rather a tiny wooden platform on the tracks for you to jump onto. And so the adventure begins!

While this hike is not long – only 3.5 miles – the first part starts with the “rock scramble,” so you should probably not be totally out of shape (or at least you will be in shape by the end of it). The rest of the trail meanders through the hilly greenery and out you’ll pop at Cold Springs, a delightfully quaint town full of oldies and small children, delicious ice cream, and the best antiques shopping in the area. (Last time we went I hit up the antiques first, came across a set of dishes I JUST HAD TO HAVE, and we had to leave them at the local bar for safe keeping – and to ensure a drink on the way back.) Here are some pics from our last camping adventure at Breakneck – which is totally not allowed but totally worth it. Happy trails!

For other local getaways from New York City, check out Fire Island, hiking in Pound Ridge, apple picking, and Fort Tilden Beach

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