Shameless Boasting: My Hawai’i Shell Collection


What is truly shameful is how long it’s been since my last post! Moving to Hawai’i is always quite the production and I haven’t had time for much else. Luckily my boyfriend is working a lot, which means that as a scuba instructor he is always in the water – and always finding me treasures. I must admit that he found the majority of these goodies and I am happy to look at them everyday.

Among our finds: Tritan’s trumpet, urchins, native opihi shells (limpets), tiger-, reticulated-, and camel-cowries, leopard cones, fishing weights, and some 1950s shooting range artillery. If you are wondering what is in the bowls, they are a pencil urchin’s “pencils”  and the operculum (“front door”) of a turban shell.

If you are all about the shells, check out my finds from Oman.


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