Legato: My New Show on Dancers

delilah-burlesque-bluegreen-1web delilah-burlesque-turq2web delilah-burlesque-red1web  delilah-burlesque-white-1web delilah-burlesque-turq1web delilah-burlesque-bluegreen-2web

I’m happy to announce that my most recent photo project has been picked for display by Hawaiian Airlines! Legato is a dance term that expresses a quality of movement in which the flow doesn’t stop, and the feeling is always continuous and fluent. This series aims to capture that energy of movement in a single frame and see the way the beat of dance transforms both the performer and her costume.

It’s an ongoing personal project – I hope to eventually shoot all kinds of dancers from all over the world. My first subject – and really the gorgeous lady who inspired it all – is a burlesque dancer from New York City named Delilah. You can book her for performances here. And if you happen to be in the area of the Hawaiian Airlines corporate office off of Nimitz in Honolulu, come take a look!


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