A Tour of a Brooklyn Neighborhood: Red Hook


If you’re a New Yorker you might only know Red Hook from the rare Ikea pilgrimage, but there’s a lot more going on in this southern Brooklyn ‘hood. A few weeks ago I introduced you to my friend and fellow photographer Zack DeZon and shared his picks for what to see, do, and drink in Red Hook, and today I thought I’d share my pics. Who doesn’t want to know about the next soon-to-be-discovered-but-still-secret Brooklyn hotspot? I told you I’d keep you in the loop.

newyork-brooklyn-redhook-junglefever-web-4 newyork-brooklyn-redhook-junglefever-web-8 newyork-brooklyn-redhook-junglefever-web-3 newyork-brooklyn-redhook-junglefever-web-5 newyork-brooklyn-redhook-junglefever-web-6 newyork-brooklyn-redhook-junglefever-web-9 newyork-brooklyn-redhook-junglefever-web-7 newyork-brooklyn-redhook-junglefever-web-2 newyork-brooklyn-redhook-junglefever-web-10



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