Photo Shoot: Autumn’s Blush


I hope you properly enjoyed a day full of dining and wining for Turkey Day. Whether you’re preparing for Black Friday or just lazing about on the couch, I thought I’d bring you some seasonal fashion inspiration. Fall seemed to have been buried under layers of snow for some, so maybe my newest cover story for Tantalum Magazine‘s November issue will bring back the fantasy of that fall feeling.

“Autumn’s Blush” for Tantalum Magazine. Stylist: Kardia Williams. Hair/Makeup: Veronika Robova. Model: Shelby Israel at RED Models.

ijfke_ridgley_tantalum_autumn_blush_jungle_fever1 ijfke_ridgley_tantalum_autumn_blush_jungle_fever2 ijfke_ridgley_tantalum_autumn_blush_jungle_fever3 ijfke_ridgley_tantalum_autumn_blush_jungle_fever4 ijfke_ridgley_tantalum_autumn_blush_jungle_fever5 ijfke_ridgley_tantalum_autumn_blush_jungle_fever6


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