From the Archives: Southern Coastal Spain

spain-cadiz-junglefever-web-1Sorry I haven’t been posting recently. Here’s the deal: I’ve been shooting a lot (the good), not traveling nearly enough (the bad), and have had little inspiration (the ugly). Luckily, the holiday season brings house guests, which means actually cleaning the house, which was when I found a box of photos I took during my year abroad in Spain. I spent a year living in Sevilla, and whenever we got a chance we traveled near and far, from Cadiz to Morocco. I’ll be starting a new series to share some of these Mediterranean destinations with you.

Disclaimer: This is not the best photography! When I wasn’t busy downing Tinto de Verano or hitting up the discotecas, I managed to take a few snaps, but professional I was not. Just think of it as Instagram… but printed… from actual film.

First up: Cadiz and Matalascañas – two of our favorite beaches in Andalucia closest to Sevilla.



  1. Mickie

    OH MAN! Talk about a trip down memory lane. I want more!!!

    You know, I still drink tintos at home. And yes, they are still awesome 10 years later.

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