Gimme a Little Love…


Can we just pretend January never happened? And most of December too? Then I won’t have to make terrible excuses for not posting for 2 months. Whoops! Well I left you before the holidays, and now it looks like another holiday is upon us again. A day of luuuurve. Whether or not you are dying for some chocolate or hating the forced materialism of the day, Valentine’s is just another good excuse for a shoot. So here you go! Tereza, doing her 50s pinup best to bring you something sexy. You’re welcome.

valentines-nude-pinup-ijfkeridgley-junglefever3 valentines-nude-pinup-ijfkeridgley-junglefever5 valentines-nude-pinup-ijfkeridgley-junglefever2 valentines-nude-pinup-ijfkeridgley-junglefever1 valentines-nude-pinup-ijfkeridgley-junglefever4


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