The Top Sight to See in Miami: Vizcaya

miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-8 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-3

As I mentioned in my last instagram roundup, a found a gem during my last trip to Miami – a city I don’t have a great relationship with. A weekend in South Beach? Sure, it’s nice if you’ve never been anywhere remotely tropical, but the rest of the city is nothing to write home about. Readers of Jungle Fever know my beef with the city, but this time I have – surprise! – something good to share.

The next time you visit Miami, you must go to Vizcaya. Think Downtown Abbey relocated to the jungle, with a touch of The Shining. I found my dream house in this villa-turned-museum set on acres of lush foliage and manicured gardens. Construction finished in 1922, but owner James Deering brought antiquities from all over Europe to give this estate a much older, collected-over-time feel. You can tour the elaborately decorated rooms of the house, but no photos were allowed so these were shot on the grounds instead with my mama as the model.

3251 South Miami Avenue. Adults $18. Closed on Tuesdays.

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miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-13 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-15 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-6 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-4 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-9 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-14 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-1 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-7 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-12 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-2 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-10 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-5 miami-vizcaya-junglefever-web-11


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