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Photo Shoot: Lava Lust


In April I was lucky enough to fly to Kona – not once but twice –  to scout and shoot on the lava fields and black sand beaches of the Big Island. Kona’s terrain can be unforgiving: miles and miles of razor-sharp blackened ground, radiating unrelenting heat, that lead to a coastline buried in a thicket of thorny kiawe trees. In the past, it was not my favorite of Hawaii destinations, but I’ve come to appreciate its hidden beauty. Plus the day shooting Kona-native and charmer Paloma Field in the latest swim fashions could not have been more of a breeze. Here are some of my favorite outtakes from the shoot, now featured in HILuxury’s latest issue.

Model: Paloma Field at Niche Models and Talent, Hair/ Makeup: Kecia Littman, Hair/ Makeup Assistant: Nalei Lacio, Styling: Yushing Ting



Photo Shoot: Natural Beauty


I’d love to share one of my latest shoots, now featured on The Edit Hawaii. Take one visiting Aussie babe, one (semi) quiet shore at sunset, and a bag full of sheer and sexy neutral colored beach essentials and you’ve got yourself castaway magic. It’s a corner of Oahu I see almost every day but never fails to be spectacular.  Special thanks to model Alex Kate Knight, a blogger in her own right, for being such a pro and game for anything after a long week of shooting another job!

Model: Alex Kate Knight at Muse NYC, Makeup: Jasmine Mullins, Hair: Julia Kim, Photo Assistant: Melissa Williams, Photography and Styling: moi!

naturalbeauty-alexkate-white4web naturalbeauty-alexkate-maroon3web naturalbeauty-alexkate-swim1web naturalbeauty-alexkate-hat3web naturalbeauty-alexkate-black9web naturalbeauty-alexkate-swim2web naturalbeauty-alexkate-wood2web naturalbeauty-alexkate-black5web naturalbeauty-alexkate-bikini1web naturalbeauty-alexkate-creme9web naturalbeauty-alexkate-creme5web naturalbeauty-alexkate-black7web naturalbeauty-alexkate-bikini4web naturalbeauty-alexkate-white7web  naturalbeauty-alexkate-wood6web naturalbeauty-alexkate-creme1web


Year-End Roundup



As 2015 was NOT a year full of blogging (apologies! excuses! regrets!), you may be wondering what exactly I’ve been up to. From fun fashion test shoots to editorial and advertising clients, it was a busy year. I did more travel writing than ever before, with stories about Hawaii such as the new-found popularity of taro and the best food trucks on the North Shore, and got out and about to Miami, Iowa, Kauai, New York City, and Uruguay. Those photos will just have to be shown in the nuevo año!

So here’s to a rollercoaster year of professional ups and personal downs – a year I must say will be difficult to leave behind. Though all one can do is move forward, sometimes all I want is to rewind. Looking uncertainly at the horizon of 2016 ahead, the only thing I can be sure of – and excited for – is it will be full of TRAVEL. Pack your bags!

Photo Shoot: Tropical Charm


If you happen to get your hands on a copy of HILuxury Magazine, you’ll see my recent fashion editorials in the February issue. We decided to go a bit retro with our Hawaiian looks, and I was lucky enough to shoot at the gorgeous Turtle Bay Resort and in the banana patch of Kahuku Farms on the North Shore of Oahu. Can’t ask for a better location! See the full stories here and here.

fashionwomen_20150201_04 fashionwomen_20150201_05 fashionwomen_20150201_03 fashionwomen_20150201_02

Gimme a Little Love…


Can we just pretend January never happened? And most of December too? Then I won’t have to make terrible excuses for not posting for 2 months. Whoops! Well I left you before the holidays, and now it looks like another holiday is upon us again. A day of luuuurve. Whether or not you are dying for some chocolate or hating the forced materialism of the day, Valentine’s is just another good excuse for a shoot. So here you go! Tereza, doing her 50s pinup best to bring you something sexy. You’re welcome.

valentines-nude-pinup-ijfkeridgley-junglefever3 valentines-nude-pinup-ijfkeridgley-junglefever5 valentines-nude-pinup-ijfkeridgley-junglefever2 valentines-nude-pinup-ijfkeridgley-junglefever1 valentines-nude-pinup-ijfkeridgley-junglefever4

Photo Shoot: Autumn’s Blush


I hope you properly enjoyed a day full of dining and wining for Turkey Day. Whether you’re preparing for Black Friday or just lazing about on the couch, I thought I’d bring you some seasonal fashion inspiration. Fall seemed to have been buried under layers of snow for some, so maybe my newest cover story for Tantalum Magazine‘s November issue will bring back the fantasy of that fall feeling.

“Autumn’s Blush” for Tantalum Magazine. Stylist: Kardia Williams. Hair/Makeup: Veronika Robova. Model: Shelby Israel at RED Models.

ijfke_ridgley_tantalum_autumn_blush_jungle_fever1 ijfke_ridgley_tantalum_autumn_blush_jungle_fever2 ijfke_ridgley_tantalum_autumn_blush_jungle_fever3 ijfke_ridgley_tantalum_autumn_blush_jungle_fever4 ijfke_ridgley_tantalum_autumn_blush_jungle_fever5 ijfke_ridgley_tantalum_autumn_blush_jungle_fever6

Photo Shoot: “Jewel Tones” in the Jungle

ijfke_ridgley_beauty2_web ijfke_ridgley_jewel_tones_jungle_fever_web ijfke_ridgley_beauty4_web ijfke_ridgley_beauty7_web ijfke_ridgley_beauty6_web ijfke_ridgley_beauty5_web ijfke_ridgley_beauty8_web

This should cause a serious case of jungle fever! I recently shot this “Jewel Tones” beauty editorial in Hawai’i for iMute Magazine. The lovely Megan lounged in our jungle set in a lot of vintage 70s pieces. I hope you like it as much as I do!

Makeup: Kecia Littman, Hair: Ashlee Valeros, Model: Megan Kuchenbecker at Wilhelmina Hawaii