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Year-End Roundup



As 2015 was NOT a year full of blogging (apologies! excuses! regrets!), you may be wondering what exactly I’ve been up to. From fun fashion test shoots to editorial and advertising clients, it was a busy year. I did more travel writing than ever before, with stories about Hawaii such as the new-found popularity of taro and the best food trucks on the North Shore, and got out and about to Miami, Iowa, Kauai, New York City, and Uruguay. Those photos will just have to be shown in the nuevo año!

So here’s to a rollercoaster year of professional ups and personal downs – a year I must say will be difficult to leave behind. Though all one can do is move forward, sometimes all I want is to rewind. Looking uncertainly at the horizon of 2016 ahead, the only thing I can be sure of – and excited for – is it will be full of TRAVEL. Pack your bags!


InstaRoundup #5: Miami

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Those of you who have been following Jungle Fever know that a fan of Miami I am not, but Instagram is not really a reflection of reality, now is it? Between the strip-malls and traffic jams I managed to find some eye candy – mostly in South Beach and Wynwood. BUT my big find of the trip was a visit to Viscaya – more on that to come…

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