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Year-End Roundup



As 2015 was NOT a year full of blogging (apologies! excuses! regrets!), you may be wondering what exactly I’ve been up to. From fun fashion test shoots to editorial and advertising clients, it was a busy year. I did more travel writing than ever before, with stories about Hawaii such as the new-found popularity of taro and the best food trucks on the North Shore, and got out and about to Miami, Iowa, Kauai, New York City, and Uruguay. Those photos will just have to be shown in the nuevo año!

So here’s to a rollercoaster year of professional ups and personal downs – a year I must say will be difficult to leave behind. Though all one can do is move forward, sometimes all I want is to rewind. Looking uncertainly at the horizon of 2016 ahead, the only thing I can be sure of – and excited for – is it will be full of TRAVEL. Pack your bags!


Belle Epoque Uruguay in Piriapolis

In the States we are often so desperate for a sense of history and culture, and yet everywhere you turn in Uruguay is another example of beautiful old architecture – without anyone to see it! Nowhere is this more evident than in the sleepy coastal town of Piriapolis. Quite empty during our visit, its grand name hints at its grand history: developed around the 1920s by Francisco Piria, it was the original “it” resort destination in Uruguay before Punta del Este. With its wide beach promenade and Belle Epoque-era buildings, it was known as the Cannes of South America. Even more interesting: Piria was an alchemist who designed the town based on precise geometric principles to properly align energies. Or something like that. While I didn’t feel “reenergized,” I did enjoy the palatial Argentino Hotel, a throwback to a much more glamourous time.



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