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Travel to the Mountains with Photographer Charles Emerson

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I love the sense of depth and ethereal colors captured by photographer Charles Emerson, for whom mountains have always held mythical power and mystery. He’s managed to showcase their beauty using a combination of film and digital captures, multiple exposures, and light leaks in locations as far flung as Scotland, Romania, and Jordan.


From the Archives: Southern Coastal Spain

spain-cadiz-junglefever-web-1Sorry I haven’t been posting recently. Here’s the deal: I’ve been shooting a lot (the good), not traveling nearly enough (the bad), and have had little inspiration (the ugly). Luckily, the holiday season brings house guests, which means actually cleaning the house, which was when I found a box of photos I took during my year abroad in Spain. I spent a year living in Sevilla, and whenever we got a chance we traveled near and far, from Cadiz to Morocco. I’ll be starting a new series to share some of these Mediterranean destinations with you.

Disclaimer: This is not the best photography! When I wasn’t busy downing Tinto de Verano or hitting up the discotecas, I managed to take a few snaps, but professional I was not. Just think of it as Instagram… but printed… from actual film.

First up: Cadiz and Matalascañas – two of our favorite beaches in Andalucia closest to Sevilla.

Travel to the Arctic with Photographer Daniel Zvereff

jungle-fever-iceland-zvereff5 jungle-fever-iceland-zvereff7 jungle-fever-iceland-zvereff6 jungle-fever-iceland-zvereff3 jungle-fever-iceland-zvereff1 jungle-fever-iceland-zvereff2

I can’t get over how beautiful these shots are of Greenland, Iceland, and northern Russia. Photographer Daniel Zvereff took these with infrared 120 film – which reacts to the chlorophyll in plants to produce these vibrant magenta tones – during the Arctic summer. If only these other-worldly landscapes existed in real life, I’d be there in a heartbeat.

Originally featured on Feature Shoot.

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Walking home from work last night it occurred to me that I couldn’t feel my face. From the cold. From the frigid, frigid 20 degree, end of March, “spring” weather. I feel like I’ve been wearing the same thing for 3 months straight and it’s GOT to be time to retire the gloves/scarf/earmuff combo. I’ve reached a breaking point – I’ve had enough! It’s a good thing, then, that I’m leaving for Punta del Este, Uruguay on Monday! While it is transitioning into fall there, a week on the beach sounds fabulous any way it comes.

Until then I thought I’d share some photos I took in college that (outfit aside) capture my current state of being: Frozen! These hilarious self-portraits were taken in the gorges in Ithaca, New York on the last day of winter of my senior year. My model had bailed on me, so out came the bikini and fur coat and I trudged through campus and down the icy slopes with all my gear. Set up my (film) camera on the frozen creek, hoped I was in focus, and posed for an awkwardly long time unable to hear the timer-set shutter. Voila!