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Travel to the Mountains with Photographer Charles Emerson

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I love the sense of depth and ethereal colors captured by photographer Charles Emerson, for whom mountains have always held mythical power and mystery. He’s managed to showcase their beauty using a combination of film and digital captures, multiple exposures, and light leaks in locations as far flung as Scotland, Romania, and Jordan.


Global Style: Scottish Plaid

plaid2Nothing quite embodies the feel of autumn like plaid – and, indeed, it was a big trend on the Fall 2013 runway. Whether dressed up with a vintage 1940s feel or dressed down in mismatched basics, it is a go-to for the holiday season. I’m loving the idea of layering a sweatshirt under a tartan-print dress. It’s too bad my holidays will be spent in the desert and not the Scottish Highlands – I guess I’ll have to stick to whiskey instead.

Top row: Band of Outsiders. Middle row: Gryphon (check out their whole collection – Amazing.). Bottom row: Marc by Marc Jacobs, J.Crew.