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Photo Shoot: Blue Crush


It’s officially been 6 months since my last post and I have no excuse except for a busy summer. Eek! With the rains and cool weather on the way, I’ll give you a little summer reboot with a series I did during the never-ending heat wave that engulfed Hawaii all summer. Shot at my favorite spots on the way to the North Shore – from Chinaman’s Hat to Pupukea – we were blue crushing it all day in retro 70s surf attire. Now featured on The Edit Hawaii.

Models: Lohelani Hicks at Larson Models and Talent and Taneka Stephens at Premier Models, Beauty: Kecia Littman, Photo Assistant: Melissa Williams



InstaRoundup #5: Miami

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Those of you who have been following Jungle Fever know that a fan of Miami I am not, but Instagram is not really a reflection of reality, now is it? Between the strip-malls and traffic jams I managed to find some eye candy – mostly in South Beach and Wynwood. BUT my big find of the trip was a visit to Viscaya – more on that to come…

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